In 1852, at the peak of the California gold rush, William Hammock and H. H. Hutton constructed and oversaw the Yolo Blacksmith Shop at the corner of Second and Sacramento Streets in what was then called the town of Cacheville. Like other immigrants who came to California for the gold, they soon discovered that there were true fortunes to be made on the west side of the Sacramento River as well in the rich, fertile soil of Yolo County.

In 1857, G.W. Woodward became the proprietor of Yolo Blacksmith and it was during his tenure that Yolo Blacksmith greatly expanded to become a valuable supplier to the community and the larger area of everything from wagon wheels to plumbing to nails to farm equipment and horseshoes.

In 1905, with the establishment of the "University Farm School" as part of the UC Berkeley campus in the town of Davis, Yolo County rapidly became one of the leading agricultural centers of the State. Yolo Blacksmith had already narrowed its focus on agricultural equipment and in particular, tillage and ground contact tools. Yolo Blacksmith Shop has had an uninterrupted relationship with the School of Agriculture at UC Davis since its beginning (we had already been in business for over 50 years by then so we were the experts in cultivation and tillage equipment and tools at that time).

In a very real sense, the history of Yolo Blacksmith is the history of agriculture in the State of California, from Holt and the steam tractor (which became Caterpillar) to Deere and the combine to Johnson and the tomato harvester, Yolo Blacksmith has had a role to play.

Yolo Blacksmith is one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in the State of California. In its 158 years of operation, the company has had only six owners. Our shop foreman has been with Yolo Blacksmith for almost 40 years. He is a master of hardfacing, a technique that enables tillage tools to have a longer life and is a technique that is becoming a lost art. This is what allows for such tremendous continuity of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship.


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Shade trailer and safety comfort station

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